Insurance Defense; helping people facing lawsuits

Insurance DefenseWe know how disturbing it is to be served with suit papers.  Liability insurance coverage typically protects persons and companies insured for suits that arise out of accidents or other sudden and unexpected events. Insurance companies issuing auto, homeowners’, commercial liability, and professional liability policies hire our firm to represent policyholders who are sued.

When we are hired by an insurer to represent a policyholder, the insured is our client, and the insured is owed our full allegiance under the rules of professional responsibility that govern Maine lawyers. We make sure that our clients understand this and are comfortable in the attorney-client relationship.

Because the insurance company must cover the claim and pay all litigation expenses, the company’s claims personnel have the right under the terms of the typical policy to make decisions regarding whether to settle and if so, when and for what dollar amount.  We report all developments to our client as well to the assigned claims person. This helps the claims person to understand the perspective of his/her insured, which allows for more fully informed decision-making. Also, an insured’s engagement in the process typically enhances the final outcome.  After all, the insured knows better than anyone how and why an accident occurred.

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