Alternative Dispute Resolution: helping clients solve disputes outside the courtroom


Mediation ArbitrationWhen legal conflicts arise, litigation isn’t always necessary, and may not be the ideal solution. State and federal courts also increasingly require ADR before a case may be permitted for trial. Douglas, Denham, Buccina & Ernst’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) attorneys help clients solve disputes ranging from personal injury to property damage to domestic, through mediation or arbitration.

A long-standing member of Maine’s legal community, Deborah Buccina leads the firm’s ADR practice and brings her 30+ years of courtroom experience to help clients determine case issues and find timely resolutions to a range of disputes. The firm’s ADR services include:

  • Mediation of civil disputes, including multi-party matters
  • Binding and non-binding arbitration
  • Negotiation of settlements between parties
  • Collaborative divorce resolution
  • Mediation of all family law matters, including parental rights and responsibilities

The benefits of ADR – namely, cost savings and confidentiality – combined with the firm’s extensive knowledge of civil litigation, makes alternative dispute resolution an attractive and effective option for our clients.

For more information on alternative dispute resolution in Maine, or to schedule a consultation, contact Deborah Buccina by email or call (207) 774-1486.