Products LiabilityDouglas, Denham, Buccina & Ernst has extensive experience in litigating products liability cases. Our lawyers have defended manufacturers and sellers of many kinds of products, including:

  • Agricultural, industrial, and recreational equipment
  • Structural building components
  • LP gas boilers
  • Food and beverages
  • Health and beauty products

This is an area of the law where science and law come together. Working with our clients and expert witnesses, we make it a priority to develop a full understanding of our client’s product.  This allows us to translate scientific and technical concepts into language that makes sense to lay people, such as judges and jurors. We also understand the pitfalls and advantages associated with reliance on expert witnesses, the limitations imposed by the Rules of Evidence on the admissibility of expert opinions, and the complex interplay of laws governing actions based on breach of warranty, tort, and strict liability.

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